Sensual Lifestyle (aka Boudoir)

There’s something so old fashioned and false about putting someone in clothes they’d never ever wear, applying heavy make up and putting them in front of a plain background (don’t hate on me those who still do this!), and asking them to “look sexy”. Eugh. As a woman myself, this scenario is furthest away from … Continue reading Sensual Lifestyle (aka Boudoir)


Intimate Couples’ Boudoir Photography: How To Shoot

Luckily, documentary style lifestyle photography is becoming more and more popular, with couples letting photographers in to capture their innermost intimate thoughts, emotions and actions. Long gone are the days of posed couples shots that imitate two greek statues, that have been placed in a studio in front of a black or white background. Could … Continue reading Intimate Couples’ Boudoir Photography: How To Shoot