App That Makes Nude Photos Social Media Friendly?

5 thoughts on “App That Makes Nude Photos Social Media Friendly?”

  1. nudity is mankind’s most natural form, I don’t get why people have to comment all these crazy things, it’s like it’s still some sort of “taboo” subject to talk about or something. I think it’s wonderful and especially in photography and art!

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    1. Completely agree. A photographer once said to me it’s like we have to educate people with our nude work (whatever shape or form it takes), and that’s exactly how it feels!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more… The other day the art photography group I am a member was blocked on facebook for posting art nude photos from an upcoming exhibition! After a week that their page was taken down, they got permission again but nudity is now excluded!!!I t’s a mad world…

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    1. And it’s not even the nudity that gets censored. I’ve had a photo taken down that was partially nude (only the top part visible) where I had used a cream cake on a photography workshop and I had some on my face. The image was taken down for being too explicit and implying sex because the cream and the expression looked so real so in their mind it must have been the real thing. And yet, only a half of my top was visible and nothing else..

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