Food Photography

I love food. I love photography. It makes perfect sense to marry the two and strengthen my ability to shoot food which I’ve enjoyed from shooting the various aesthetics of wedding feasts to minimalistic scenes of food and drink. The challenge of shooting food is injecting your style and your personality within the image, instead … Continue reading Food Photography

My first photography book!

I have just finished my first photography book (or any book for that matter!), and would like to proudly present it to my readers and all those interested in art, travel and photography! My book France: simplicity | vision | beauty is about my brief trip to Northern France,firstly visiting a tranquil fishing village Audersselles, … Continue reading My first photography book!

Commercial Friday

After having shot for AMS Electrical in Sheffield last Friday, it has got me thinking about what draws me to shooting commercial type of shoots. As a self taught photographer I enjoy the freedom of not being confined to academic indoctrination of what and how I should pursue my photography style. It’s not to say there … Continue reading Commercial Friday